Finding my Muse

I’ve made a decision.  I am setting out on a journey.  A journey to find my muse.  I don’t mean this in a mythical sense, I mean it in the most practical of senses.  I’ve spent much of my life in an experiment of following the norm.  “Prove the formula” if you will.  I have created what most would view as a successful life for myself.   I am happy, comfortable, stable.  But I have grown to realize that there is one thing that this formula robs us of.  One thing that I hold more precious than any other thing.  That is time.  The formula prepares you for a life of trading time for money.  This is the way the system is designed.  However this formula traps us.  Traps us into debt, bordem, complacency and living with limited vision.  Time is the true source of freedom.  What if we re-wrote the formula replacing time with something more logical, like value.  Then we can free ourselves to pursue passions of the heart, experience the world, see all there is to see and share it with those we hold closest.  Through finding my muse I will re-write this equation and begin a new experiment.