Is this the condition…

I so feared?  The words of Seneca seem to be an interesting thought in times of transition.  We seek comfort in our work and work environment but do we ever really stop to think about the condition we are so fearful of?  In taking a career risk, what would the absolute worst case scenario really look like?  Would rock bottom really be that bad?  Considering you have your health, how hard would it be to regain your current position, lifestyle, possessions?  What actions could you take immediately to mitigate losses?  How temporary would this condition truly be?

On the flip side you must also look at the potential upside.  What benefits or rewards are likely if I were to take this risk?  What does not taking this risk look like over the next six months, year, five years, twenty years?

As I go through the motions of this exercise it becomes clear to me that the true fear lies in not taking this risk.  Extended periods of being locked in the rat race are far more scary than the condition we all fear so much.  The end game is not to avoid working, or working hard.  It is to shift this effort to something more meaningful.  More meaningful to me, my family and the world.