Manliness is a funny concept these days.  Don’t cry, be tough, provide, don’t show fear.  These traits have never been exclusive to the male gender but were often considered desirable.  Some of these traits are starting to become taboo.  It is now more common to hear it is ok to be emotional.  It is ok if you are scared.  It has become complicated to raise a man.  To create a man from a boy when the nature of their role in society is in flux.  How much do you push?  How tough do they have to be?  Will society walk all over them?  I believe it is still ok to be manly.  One should not be ashamed of this.  “Manly” traits such as courage, bravery, selflessness, toughness, should be celebrated and encouraged.   It is just as important however that chauvinistic traits are discouraged.  It is a fine line.  I hope I do well walking it.