The Product Problem

As marketers we paint pictures.  We paint products and services in the best light possible.  We seek out competitive advantage and shine a spotlight on customer value.  But what if the product itself is flawed?  What if the very thing you are selling simply does not provide the value you tout in your advertising and creative copy?  Do we have a moral obligation not to oversell?  With the arsenal of digital tools at our disposal marketers can easily convince a woman in white gloves that a ketchup popsicle is a great idea (thank you Tommy Boy).  But should we?  Should marketers stand up for truth in advertising?  Should we push back on those responsible for delivering a high-quality products or service and demand they practice what they preach?  I believe it is not only our right but our duty to do so.  I believe it is irresponsible to paint a picture of falsehood.  We mustn’t spend our time convincing people to buy something, rather pulling back the curtains to reveal something worth buying.